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خدلك فكرة وتعال بكرا


بالعربي يا حبّي

First for Arabic First

How often have you received a brief for original Arabic copywriting, got it written in English first, then translated it – with suboptimal results?
Well, we are what you were looking for.
We think Arabic. Conceptualize in Arabic. Write Arabic.

عرّب وجرّب

Last Word in Arabic Copywriting

Or you may have a global campaign that requires localization for the MENA region, or a pitch or brief you cracked in English and you want to impress the Arabic speakers in the room. Also, you may land up with a bulk writing project that requires quality transcreation. Leave it to us.

Our battery of Arabic writers can wordsmith it for you. Think of us as your Arabic Copywriting Department.

منعمل شغل يرجعك لعنّا


البروجكت بيتكلّم عربي

Original Arabic Copywriting

Several projects demand Arabic top-notch copywriting, often from the ideation stage itself. That’s where our creativity and word-crafting skills come to the fore. We are talented and experienced creatives, experts in creating region-specific, culture-sensitive Arabic pieces that match your brief to the word.

دخول الكوبي مش متل خروجها

Transcreation and localization

Then there are projects that need localization or even translation. These could be as small as a social post or as big as a full website, passing by audio and video scripts, brochures, articles, press releases, or journals. Be it emotional, technical, or informative.

We never give these assignments the step-motherly treatment – we inject the same high quality into this content as well.



They insist on quality…

And they get quality+. Our handpicked clients come to us for outstanding work.

They also end up getting more value in terms of reliability and adherence to the toughest deadlines. Each time.

Piero Poli

Copywriting is art and science with a hell of a lot of finesse. Adham has all three, in spades. When I worked with Adham at HWW he took our ability to be clear, smart, engaging and novel to clients through the written word to the next level. I recall him working long weeks and nights at his craft to ensure the right tone and nuance was delivered for our client's brands. His dedication and ability to build strong relationships with our clients an the rest of the team provided a foundation for his growth and success. I'd very happily share mugs of black coffee; a fresh box of sharpies and a difficult client brief to crack with Adham again. In that, I know I am not alone.



My time as account director with tag worldwide as the CS head required me to be up to day the region and market trends, a lot of that was transcreation of the content we used across the region keeping the brand message at hand. Adham and his style of work always delivered the best copy and creative advise for us to make sure we are providing the best solution for our clients. Adham is a lovely creative with a deep knowledge for the brand.
Tag Worldwide

Group Account Director


Adham at ArabizeMe has been an efficient and reliable resource to work with, to say the least. I felt extremely confident when outsourcing work to him for all my accounts, especially DTCM, Emirates NBD, and Jaguar Land Rover – three of my biggest and most important and Arabic-demanding clients. Adham is extremely dependable, dedicated and I have greatly appreciated his constant attention to detail and creativity. He has the rare ability to transcreate complex meanings into simple, beautiful Arabic. He understands the user’s perspective and regional target audience very well and is able to integrate this within his writing. He communicates well with different stakeholders creatives and suits alike. He is always positive, approachable and very easy going. I would recommend Adham for any variety of projects, as he is versatile and adapts very well to the needs and style of each client. He has always walked the extra mile to meet particular needs, and I would be happy to use him again for future projects.



In advertising, it is often difficult to find a partner who can take a thought conceived in English and transliterate it creatively into Arabic or even think Arabic first. With ArabizeME, we have always had scripts that make the cut in the first go. Even ideation and conceptual work is top class. An ideal partner to plug and play if you don't have a full-time Arabic resource onboard or need to expand capacity. Response to briefs is quick when timelines are determined and reasonable. We have been working with the team of ArabizeME for 8 yrs now and find their services a perfect fit for what we do, Storytelling And creative writing.


Hayley Hilton

I’ve been working in Social Media Marketing for over 10 years, and over the years I’ve seen the challenges that can come with such a beautifully diverse language as Arabic. So I’ve always trusted Adham and Shaza to help me with capturing the essence of what I’m trying to say in a social media friendly way. They know this world and it’s made my life a lot easier working with them.
Social in 5 Academy

Social Media Marketing Specialist | Director

Karim Zein

Adham is one of the most versatile Arabic wordsmiths out there. What really sets him apart is how he always finds ways to capture the sentiment of English concepts and headlines and magically turns them into culturally-relevant Arabic content. I wouldn’t call Adham a translator or even a transcreator, that would be unfair. Adham is a thinker first and a skilled Arabic craftsman second. During the time we worked together, Adham worked on major brands including Aldar Properties, twofour54 and PepsiCo to name a few and he has always managed to capture the brand tone and deliver striking Arabic work.
MullenLowe MENA

Associate Creative Director

Samer Lahoud

In our region, one of the big questions is the role an Arabic copywriter should play in a creative agency. Many expect them to work on adapting English lines and concepts to Arabic. Adham was one of the few that truly challenged this benchmark. He was always eager to go beyond the call, not only to deliver the extensive day-to-day work, but also to be part of the creative process. He always asked for briefs and came up with relevant creative concepts inspired by local cultural insights. In that aspect, his contribution was key in winning pitches that required a regional edge. As a team player, Adham is soft-spoken and respectful of everyone on the team. He easily became a team favorite for his talent as well as his fun personality. I would love to have him back on my team in the future. In the meantime, I enjoy being part of his team on the football pitch where he excels in scoring awe-inspiring goals.
Leo Burnett

Creative Director

Wyle Dura

It is a pleasure working with Adham. He picks every account terminologies on his own in no time. He is highly responsive and always delivers to the brief. Excellent quality content and always on time
OHI Leo Burnett Oman

Client Relations Director

Uli Stanke

Having had the pleasure of working with Adham as a colleague and a service provider, I can attest to the certainty and professionalism he always brings to the table. When working in an Arabic first region, the importance of having a strong Arabic copywriting partner can never be undervalued. Adham has a strong ability to not only understand the words, but the power and emotion behind them. From attention grabbing lines, tricky translation and bringing heavily nuanced narratives to life for an Arabic audience, Adham is the man.
MCH Global

Head of Experiential Innovation & Growth

حاكينا، ارمس معانا وسولف ويّانا


We are Arabs and we value relationships.
Let’s have a friendly chat to discuss your project.

    ”الباب اللي بيجيك منو تعريب ابعتلنا ياه واستريح“